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Happy Valentine’s Day for all the lovers out there. We had fun with it and brought back a mix of Slow Jams from ’85-’95. You can also slow dance with the boogie at Mushroom Jazz in SF this week, or catch up with me in Denver @ Ophelia’s.

In this Episode…

DJ MIX – Slow Jams & Spicy Hams
PLAYLIST – Cupcakin’ for days
EVENTS – Mushroom Jazz, Denver

MIX – Slow Jams & Spicy Hams
Slow Jams &
Spicy Hams
Bringing you back with Slow Jams & Spicy Hams. A sexy mix of 80s & 90s slow jams, disco love and street soul. Revived this mix from 2008 to share the love almost 10 years later. Let your Soul-Glo!Mixcloud | Soundcloud
PLAYLIST – Cupcakin’ for days
Cupcakin’ for Days…What the world needs now is love.
We’ve got lot’s of love to give.
The greatest love of them all.
Your Love Deserves an encore.For those who prefer the extended remix, we’ve gathered all of J Boogie’s Valentine’s Day mixes into one playlist called Cupkakin’ for days – repping 2003 – 2017. You can’t go wrong.

Now go make some babies.

In the Mood
In the Mood Too
Cupid’s Cuddles
Live in the Bedroom
Spicy Hams & Slow Jams
EVENTS – Mushroom Jazz, Denver
Mushroom Jazz
Wednesday, Feb. 15th
Monarch SF
Join us for the next Mushroom Jazz Monthly, with extra special guests J Boogie + Rob Grega & Ivan RuizINFO
Saturday, Mar. 4th
J-Boogie hosted by DJ A-L at Ophelia’s Electric SoapboxINFO
in Paradise…
A couple deep cuts in the disco with dance floor edits on 7″ for the funky collectors out there. Frisco on one side, LA on the other.Adventures In Paradise | Available at BeatstreetTracklisting:

  1. Jay Sole – Save Your Sole
  2. J Boogie – Domino Boogie
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